Changing the Way People Think About Money
Financial Insight and Resource Management (FIRM):  FIRM provides extensive budgeting support, financial/credit counseling, long range planning, social service referrals, and advocacy. 

Money matters are not simple anymore and people need help to avoid the traps that can destroy their financial future.  Open Hearth's Financial Insight and Resource Management (FIRM) has helped hundreds of families with their money matters - for FREE.   You won't find any "easy tricks" here; and there are no fees (hidden or otherwise) and no empty promises.  This program provides one-on-one counseling to assist families that are planning a major financial move, such as a car or home purchase, or those who were homeless or just behind in their rent payments, in default of their mortgage loan, or those who just need help to get their financial life back on track.  We know that many have the ability to meet their financial obligations if proper steps are taken to regain control of their money - and we help them do just that!  Open Hearth’s staff and our skilled volunteers provide the FIRM program and other help with emergency assistance in an effort to guide families in need to secure long-term stability.  We teach people to help themselves - and then to help others.

While most of the principles we teach in FIRM are available in our free workshops that are held weekly in the Exton Square Mall, the personal nature of a financial crisis and the sometimes limited understanding of complex financial matters on the part of the consumer results in most people not wanting to share their personal money challenges in a public forum.  We have found the personal contact of FIRM’s one-on-one meetings to be the most effective method of program delivery and the most comfortable for the consumer. 

Open Hearth's FIRM program was awarded a National Achievement Award, issued by the National Association of Counties.  We exceeded our target goal of the total number of families participating in the FIRM program during our first year by over 430%, emphasizing the need for the combination of comprehensive services and effective supports. Since then we have received referrals from countless agencies and organizations for this service, and the consumers contacting Open Hearth for this assistance has more than doubled in the past two years.  And it's all FREE!

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