Family Savings Partner Program (FSP):  This program is designed to build saving habits for income eligible individuals by offering a match over a 6 to 24 month period.  The savings and the match money must be used for an approved use, which currently includes: Home Purchase, and Education.  To date, Savers earning less than 80% of the Median Income Guidelines have purchased assets totaling over $5.8 million in value. 


Every week, Open Hearth conducts our free workshops on financial matters such as banking, home purchase, budgeting and debt reduction, employment, taxes, saving for retirement, educational grants and loans, career and job search, teaching children about money, and more.  Last year over 30 workshops were held, and we have recently secured the central location of Exton Mall’s community room as our workshop site on a permanent basis, providing a safe, secure and accessible location for our participants. 



In addition to these workshops, we maintain a bank of professionals that offer their time and talent to meet with our participants to assist those who need further information or guidance beyond the scope of our workshops or staff knowledge.  Open Hearth acts as the liaison and catalyst between these clients and professionals, ensuring appropriate boundaries are maintained.  Since we would not want someone to purchase a product that might not meet their needs, no type of sales presentation or product presentation is permitted by any of the professionals. Certified financial planners, insurance agents, real estate agents, accountants, bankers, lawyers all work together with our staff to help our savers meet their goals.