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Goal Achievement Program (GAP):  The GAP program provides short-term, decreasing level rent payment assistance to those who are or are at risk of becoming homeless.  Even more important, budgeting assistance and financial counseling offer recipients the tools to prevent future homelessness.  Assistance is provided only to those who, through application and interview with Open Hearth, are determined to possess the ability to be independent within a period of 12 to 18 months. This program is limited to participants located in certain target areas of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  It is designed to reinforce attitudes and behaviors that promote self-sufficiency.  Because all subsidies are contingent upon meeting pre-negotiated contractual objectives, monthly checks ensure that participants are meeting their commitments.  These families’ children are secondary recipients of Open Hearth’s assistance.  The children are learning invaluable lessons, watching their role models recover from homelessness and become self-sufficient.  Chester County’s Department of Community Development selected GAP as its model for a countywide program of transitional housing.