Open Hearth endeavors to develop innovative ways to create affordable housing opportunities for those who have been excluded from the housing market, provide access to a means of transportation, teach financial enhancement skills, and support efforts within our community that build the capacity of our society to meet the needs of those we serve. We offer programs that teach and support financial viability, in the belief that this knowledge best prepares the individual for a lifetime of independence.

  • Strengthening our work are the partnerships we develop with other organizations that share and provide services and programs we can build upon. Those served include at-risk populations, low-income households, people with disabilities, single parents, the elderly, and homeless individuals and families.                                       

  • In all of the work of Open Hearth, the focus of the organization must remain on confronting the economic and social barriers that prevent large segments of our society from achieving their dream of a place to live and a life of independence. This focus includes the realization that people have different needs when it comes to shelter and community. Alternatives and choices have to exist for all people. Above all, Open Hearth must position itself as a trendsetter. Too often, the easiest route is taken regarding the needs of those not truly valued in our communities. Open Hearth must continue to identify with the needs of the people we serve and strive to develop the best, not the easiest, solutions to those needs. Open Hearth must recognize itself as a champion of our community, and through our programs and partnerships we will provide the leadership to assure the rights of everyone to shelter, community, and a lifetime of independence.