How We Help
We're Changing How and Where People Live
Goal Achievement Program (GAP):  The GAP program provides short-term, decreasing level rent payment assistance to those who are or are at risk of becoming homeless.  Even more important, budgeting assistance and financial counseling offer recipients the tools to prevent future homelessness.  Assistance is provided only to those who, through application and interview with Open Hearth, are determined to possess the ability to be independent within a period of 12 to 18 months.
Changing the Way People Think About Money
Financial Insight and Resource Management (FIRM):  FIRM provides extensive budgeting support, financial/credit counseling, long range planning, social service referrals, and advocacy. 
Family Savings Partner Program (FSP):  This program is designed to build saving habits for income eligible individuals by offering a match over a 6 to 24 month period.  The savings and the match money must be used for an approved use, which currently includes: Home Purchase, and Education.  To date, Savers earning less than 80% of the Median Income Guidelines have purchased assets totaling over $5.8 million in value. 
Changing Means of Transportation
JumpStart Program: JumpStart accepts the donation of reliable vehicles, providing tax deductible receipts to the donors, and transfers the inspected and/or repaired auto to an income eligible family or individual that needs transportation for employment or medical care. 

We do not sell ANY of the cars that are donated to JumpStart!  Every car we accept is given to people who really need it.
  Most car donation programs sell your car and a small amount of money actually finds its way back to programs or services that people really need.  With other car donation programs, most (and sometimes all) of your donation will end up in advertising or promotions.  Not with JumpStart!  100% of your car donation goes directly to the person who needs it the most!  In fact, we add money to make your donation even more affordable. The total cost of the vehicle to the final recipient is the title transfer fee, plus a maximum of $500 in actual repair expense to insure the car's reliability. 
There is never any cost to the car donor.